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Client Testimonial

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Jo Riches 11/1/2022

Why I started training with Lorraine

Finding ways to keep myself strong, resilient, robust and energetic is hard, even more so as a business owner, in my early 50’s and experiencing perimenopause. Never has there been a time in my life I know having the right energy and positive mindset is so important.

happy woman in a gym with thumbs up in the air.

Balancing the needs of the business alongside, a regular training programme is challenging. I need to invest my energy into supporting, advising and motivating my clients as well as developing and growing my business. This leaves me with little or sometimes, no energy, to motivate and train myself. Not sustainable or good for my long-term health.

I used to love weight training and being in the gym. I’ve spent many happy times in this space, but over recent years I lost my way with my gym training. Joined a few gyms but couldn’t find that same excitement and joy for it that I used to have and ended up wasting money on memberships I rarely used. Although I adapted my training and found other ways to exercise and keep fit, I noticed the change in my body shape and the loss of form that I’d enjoyed before.

A friend suggested getting a personal training as she was getting real benefit from working with one. She said, “you spend all your time motivating others, maybe you need to get the same motivation from someone else.” Her words resonated and I started to look for a trainer in my local area.

Meeting Lorraine

It didn’t take me long to find Lorraine. As soon as I saw her on the South Coast Gym website, I felt an instant connection. Her strapline is ‘Personal Trainer & Transformation fitness for women over 40’. I thought, that’s what I need!

The moment you talk to Lorraine, you know you are in great hands. From the outset she is warm, genuine, open, supportive and encouraging. She actively listens, observes and intuitively knows what you need. Often without you even saying it! Being with Lorraine feels being with a friend you’ve known forever and I love that about her!

What I get from training with Lorraine

Lorraine always creates great training sessions. She will always have a plan ready but also intuitively adapts the session based on how I am when I walk through the door.

I love having Lorraine to tell me what to do. I need it! I can walk into the gym and know my workout is already planned. I turn up, get told what to do and walk away feeling positive, fitter and stronger. Even if I start the session feeling a bit low or flat, I always leave on a high and with a bounce in my step. Well apart from leg days that is!

I started training with Lorraine 3 months ago and have seen and experienced significant changes in my shape, my mindset and my overall sense of wellbeing. Each session gives me an immense wave of pleasure, greater self-belief, sense of achievement and a brilliant excuse to eat cake!! Ha ha ha.

I also love training at South Coast Gym. It’s a welcoming environment and the people who work and train there are supportive and friendly.

Why training with Lorraine is a great decision

Lorraine is truly one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I view personal training as an investment in myself. Because looking after me, being the healthiest and fit I can be is essential. Lorraine has taken me further in my training and helped me achieve results way beyond anything I’ve achieved before. I feel amazing!

two women in bodybuilding pose in a gym

Thank you, Lorraine, for helping to make me ever stronger, more shapely, resilient and energetic. You’re a star!

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