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Gymtimidation, and how to beat it!

For me the gym is a second home, and a safe place to vent, work out and be myself but for some it can be an intimidating place. I understand this is true for some of my clients so in today's blog we're going to have a walk through the gym and dispel some of the myths that might be stopping you from taking the final step into the gym environment.

Myth #1: Only fit people go to the gym

The gym is full of people with only one goal in mind, the same as your goal, to have access to equipment and resources that you just can't get at home so they can get and stay fit. Once you start heading to the gym regularly you will notice people with all levels of fitness, from the overweight to the super buff.

The truth is everyone has to start somewhere. The people you see who look amazing....they weren't born like that. They too had to take that first step into a gym and start at the bottom...just like you.

Myth #2: Everyone will be looking at me

Actually no-one will be looking at you...because they are all far too focused on what they are doing.

If social media is anything to go by every beautiful person will be doing selfies with a mobile in their hand, or in full make up in their best gym gear...but this is not the case. Your average gym goer will be working up a sweat and counting reps with their earbuds in. Take a leaf from their book and workout to your favourite music, not only will it help motivate you to power through but it will distract you from any self conscious paranoia you are feeling.

Myth #3: Gym equipment is complicated to operate

Some of the machines in a gym do look like medieval torture devices but they are all there to focus on specific muscle groups and exercises. As part of my PT practice I will take you step by step, at your own pace, and teach you how to use each machine as you progress so that you use it correctly and safely.

If you need a refresher on how to use something the staff at every gym are there to help you, and ensure your safety while you are there. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance and advice.

Myth #4: The gym is too expensive

Using the gym is a privilege you must pay for. You will have access to many machines and resources that otherwise you would miss out on.

Most gyms operate on a membership basis, which you pay monthly. South Coast gym's current price (as of 15th Jan 2021) is £39.99 per month which is actually less than the equivalent cost of 1 coffee shop latte every day of the month!

My favourite place to train is the South Coast gym, and this is where I operate my PT sessions. Watch my introductory video and see for yourself where you will train with me.

I hope that I have I have crushed some of those myths for you, and look forward to helping you get started on your fitness journey.


For more information on where you will be training have a look at their website...

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