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Exercise: A Tool for Mental Health

We've all lost someone we know and care about to suicide.

Friends, family and acquaintances who seemed fine on the outside but who were battling their own demons in silence.

In the fitness industry this is something we don't naturally talk about.


At TIME 2 TALK seminar we want to address this head on, with speakers from all areas of the fitness industry giving their insight and knowledge so we can all lead more mentally healthy lives.




from 1PM

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Where this all started - Lorraine Denman

Time 2 Talk was conceived following my interview with Time 4 Nutrition in 2019. I talked candidly about the suicide of my daughter Ellie Soutter and how it has touched every part of my life, but mostly it highlighted the fragility of mental health and how difficult it is to talk about without feeling weak and judged.

Exercise has always been a tool that I have used to cope with my anxieties and trauma on a personal never occurred to me that everyone else was doing the same but not talking about it. Then COVID hit full force and it became even more apparent that exercise helps and supports mental health This was a FACT -  exercise really does help people cope on a day to day basis ,I am living proof along with many others.


Me and an incredible team of like minded people who are professionals, gym owners, personal trainers, athletes and friends are willing to give their time and share their knowledge to help others to achieve better mental fitness by giving our knowledge,  experience and a chance to share and talk. 


Don't judge a book by its cover. We may look strong on the outside but there is always the inside to take care of too.

Confirmed Speakers

Lorraine Denman

Sportswoman, Founder Time 2 Talk, Co-founder Ellie Soutter Foundation

Exercise was the only thing that got me through life changing emotional trauma. Since losing my daughter Ellie to suicide I am on a mission to making mental health talked about more openly.

Andy Webb

Ex footballer, UEFA coach , fitness & business entrepreneur and author

My journey from being in professional sporting environment, to injuries causing trauma both physical and mental hardship of both injuries and dyslexia and how exercise helped to create my new mindset and help me set me on a new path and inspired me to achieve new life aspirations and achieve my goals.

Tori Beaumont

Sportswoman, Calisthenics Athlete, Social Media Influencer

My personal journey balancing a normal life and chasing my goals.
Dealing with social media judgement, and how exercise can be the best therapy you need.

Paul Knight

IFBB Pro League Judge, Owner Crayford Weights and Fitness

As a gym owner, training mentor and judge I have first hand experience of losing someone who was suffering with their mental health. Men have been taught that sharing your feelings and problems is a sign of weakness, but sometimes not sharing them can the ultimate downfall. It's time to talk.

Stacey Boyce

IFBBPRO professional athlete, Business Owner and PT

Mental health- who takes responsibility for making YOU happy when everything you love is taken away from you? How far you go before you ask for help?

Ellie Hills

Personal Trainer, student

I will be talking about mental health in young adults and the pressures of today's society. Could those "teenage mood swings" and "phases" really have a deeper meaning?

Eddie Abbew

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Owner Olympian Gym, Psychiatric Nurse

My background as a mental health professional informs my personal mission to improve the quality of life for everyone who walks into Olympiam Gym. I give people the knowledge, tools and encouragement to help them improve their own wellbeing and lifestyle.

Chris Proctor

Senior Director GBO Europe, Ex military

I will be talking about my experience of mental health, how to deal with it in your own way and the reality of realising that you have mental health. What signs to look for.

Our Speakers
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PAPYRUS is the national charity for the prevention of young suicide.

We run HOPELINEUK 0800 068 4141 a freephone confidential helpline staffed by trained professionals providing advice, support & information to anyone who is feeling suicidal, or concerned that a young person they know may be at risk

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